Sandra Lyng




2 months ago

Sandra Lyng

Ja da stakk vi bare av gårde på cruise vi! Følg med på snap : sandralyngsnap ☀️🛳 ... See MoreSee Less

Ja da stakk vi bare av gårde på cruise vi! Følg med på snap : sandralyngsnap ☀️🛳


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Kos deg Sandra

Gratulerer med beiby.

Kos dere

2 months ago

Sandra Lyng

No e påsken før me pærfækt. Sny, @selmaandlassi , sol, kvikklunch, ski, solo, pølsa mæ brød og gode vænna 🐣 ... See MoreSee Less

No e påsken før me pærfækt. Sny, @selmaandlassi , sol, kvikklunch, ski, solo, pølsa mæ brød og gode vænna 🐣


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God Påske flotte Sandra! 👗👍👌

God påske Sandra ... Vakker Utsikt 🙂

God påske 🐤 🐣

>>>God Påske Sandra<<< 🐥

God påske 🙂

God Påske.🐣🐥🐤

god påske sandra

God påske🐣☀🐤

God påske 🐥☀️🐣


God Påske 🙂 🐥🐥🐥

God påske 🐥 sandra ❤

God påske Sandra 🌞⛷

God påske Sandra Lyng

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3 months ago

Sandra Lyng

Min første treningsVlogg er ute! Se meg og Sandra trene armer, og hiv deg med da vel 😉ørste Treningsvlogg er ute! Her er en del av min treningsrutine. I dag trente jeg med Sandra Spjelkavik og vi tok en hard økt på armer, nærmere sagt- biceps... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

Sandra Lyng

Happy Valentines 🌸 #tbt #playmydrum ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Valentines 🌸 #tbt #playmydrum


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Happy Valentine, Sandra.

Happy Valentine's

>>>Happy Valentines day Sandra <3 <<<<<

Happy Valentines

ÅÅH, LOVE! Du! Hjerte mitt!


Glad i deg Sandra

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4 months ago

Sandra Lyng

Whos gaming Fortnite??? er blitt hekta på Fortnite på ps4 og spiller det hver dag! Har vel alltid vært en gamer men siden jeg kjøpte meg ps4 for to uker siden har jeg gamet det....
... See MoreSee Less

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You play at fortnite ? Go play with me ! I can carry you ^^

Martin Rosten


Sandra Lyng is a Norwegian pop artist that emerged on the scene in her home country at the age of 16. She became well known to the Norwegian audience through her participation in the second season of Norwegian Pop Idol in 2004, and immediately became a popular artist.

The following year she debuted with the collaboration single «Sommerflørt» with the rapper Lille Philip, which topped the Norwegian hit chart in the summer of 2005. The following year Sandra released her second single «I morgen» produced by Stargate. This song was also a big success and peaked at second position on the hit chart. Stargate followed to produce her entire debut album titled «Døgnvill», which was released in 2007. Up until then she had sung all her lyrics in Norwegian.

In the following years Sandra went on several tours throughout Norway, before she took a break from the spotlight and moved to Los Angeles to develop her songwriting skills. In 2013 she returned to her home country with new material written with English lyrics, and released her comeback single, “PRTEY” featuring Swedish rapper Lazee. The single was followed up by the gold selling «Don’t Care» produced by the Norwegian pop group Donkeyboy and Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza.

In 2015 Sandra collaborated with producer Mood Melodies and fellow songwriter and friend Tooji Keshtka. Together they wrote her biggest success to date, “Play My Drum”, which was certified gold after just four weeks. The song, which has over 20 million streams on Spotify, topped charts in Italy, Finland, France, Norway and Belgium. “Play My Drum” is certified double platinum and is still climbing.

Sandra has for the last year performed at the largest music festivals in Norway, and is now one of the biggest pop artists in Norway. In June 2015 Sandra performed «Play My Drum» in front of 70,000 people at the VG Chart Top 20 show in Oslo, and a year later with her new hit songs «Night after night» and «Blue».

In November 2015 Sandra dropped «Night after night», which is streamed over 10 million times. In February 2016 she followed up with «Moonrise». The song was used as the theme song for one of the most popular television shows in Norway, “Paradise Hotel”, and passed 5 million streams in Norway. In May 2016, Sandra signed with the largest record company in the word, Universal Music. She released the newest single «Blue» late June 2016, which she has performed in every large city in Norway to record breaking audience numbers. “Blue” was honored with the “Song of the Week” by the Norwegian radio station P3.


Rebeca Toledo 
+47 980 40 383

Universal Music
Manbir Plaha
+47 952 55 037